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Prosocial Place

Delivering Social Value: our Core Objective

Prosocial Place is working closely with Liverpool City Council, the Social Enterprise Network and the University of Liverpool to deliver the Liverpool Social Value Charter, 10% More.










The Charter is a set of guiding principles to make doing business in Liverpool more ethical, greener and community-focused.  With the full backing of the Mayor of Liverpool, the Charter is based on the fundamental understanding that integrating social value into decision making not only creates benefits for others but also provides tangible business advantages.  The principles are:


1. Local Liverpool Employment

2. Buy Local, Buy Social

3. Supporting Liverpool Communities

4. Welfare and Wellbeing in Employment

5. Green Sustainable Liverpool

6. Ethical Liverpool Procurement


The full Charter can be downloaded here  All Charter signatories will make a positive commitment to improving the economic, social and environmental well-being of Liverpool through their activities.  These contributions will include outcomes such as creating apprenticeships, local jobs and supply chain opportunities through the intelligent commissioning and procurement of goods and services.  

They will also include the delivery of training, professional development and other opportunities for local people.  In addition, signatories recognise the diversity of people within their businesses and communities and accordingly place inclusivity at the forefront of decisions.


SENTogether and partners encourage all businesses to think about how they could integrate these six principles into their activities; indeed, many organisations in the city do some or all of them already.  Social Value is central to the ethos of Prosocial Place and by signing the Charter, we will formalise this commitment, and pave the way for even more creation of social value in the Liverpool City Region.

Developing Ideas



Just completed pilopt projects in Cumbria and Northern Ireland using the Healthy High Streets Crat Kit we helped author for the Department for Communities NI in 2022